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We’re just finished a worldwide tour with our bHip Global Master Distributor, Kosta Gara. Its been exciting to witness the announcement of La Core Anti Aginig Collection. The sales volume is through the roof and there’s tremendous momentum with bHip Global.
We now have 4 products in our catalog. bHip Energy, bHip Noni Gia, bHip Pleasur and La Core Anti Aging Beauty Line.
bHip Global is on target to open 30 countries in 30 months. Some distributors in North America are watching the excitement and momentum in Asia and I’m thrilled to be partnered with a truly Global business. For more details about the business opportunity with bHip Global contact Dee Dee Williams

bHip Global Distributors around the world are excited about the automated sampling system – Team IN Motion has provided a duplicatable sample request form and we’re thankful to follow the generous model of our Leaders.

The bHip Global product testimonials are flowing now, every day we add Real People and their stories to our journal. You can read bHip testimonials or watch their video submissions on our website. We are the Team in Motion and we so that others can join the Revolution.
bHip! bHip Daily!


90 Day Business Plan

Several years ago, I had an upline that required everyone on the team listen to several audios, read an ebook and additionally we could purchase a set of CDs from Tracy Biller. Tracy Biller was introduced to me as THE COACH, with the mindset that the Top Success stories always start with daily training from a coach. Network Marketing is about duplication and I’ve never heard any other self proclaimed guru be so direct as Tracy Biller – he is so adament about his strategies that he could easily offend people. He doesnt hold anything back when it comes to his passion, his beliefs and his criticism.

Tracy Biller has a series of CDs called the Ultimate Success CDs. I admit I listen to them often and found they are quite accurate and motivating. I listen to the Momentum CD the most. However, By far my favorite CD is the 90 Day Blitz.

When you are on a 90 Day Blitz, you can quickly identify the DAY with the ultimate goal the 90th day. Start at day 1, follow Tracy’s strategies for 90 days, without quitting, and I guarantee you will have either a realization that you are in the wrong business or you will have tremendous success. I continually repeat the 90 day business plan over and over, now that I have mastered the focused 3 month strategy. I highly recommend putting this into action.
Learn more about the 90 day business plan

The Secret is bHip Global

What is bHip? for all the questions and answers about bHip Global, visit this bHip informational website.

check out the momentum at bHip Global when you join the Right Team in Motion

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bHip Energy at Monster Truck rally

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Direct Sales Womens Alliance
April 6, 2009, 10:24 pm
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DSWA Celebration 2009Imagine the future you will have when you learn and grow! Imagine Experience the excitement of investing a weekend with dynamic direct sellers who are standing strong and building their direct selling business. Imagine meeting vendors who bring the best of the best products and services. Imagine sharing a weekend with your team in an environment of fun, creativity, and learning.

Connect with the Team IN Motion Founder, Kosta Gara as he joins the Executive Leaders at DSWA Celebration 2009. KeyNote Speaker, Lisa Nichols, will talk about accepting the challenge to break through as the new you during the Celebration 2009.

For more details about direct sales womens alliance or the Annual Celebration Event of the Year, visit DSWA website

New Breed of Energy
April 2, 2009, 3:21 am
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Seasons change and Your Days get Busier than ever!

Fuel Your Body with Natural Energy

100% Herbal Energy Blend

Carpe Diem

Pass It On

bHip Energy

Its Cold, Drink something HOT
November 29, 2008, 2:11 am
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Energy Drinks are awesome in the summertime, but now that winter has hit the United States, we’ve been experimenting in our kitchen with hot concoctions. The results are really heating up!

bHip Energy is HOT

Try bHip Energy Blend or Noni Gia with an herbal tea – or add it to Hot Cider. MMMM!

bHip is HOT!

bHip is HOT!

bHip Global expansion into Global Markets
October 16, 2008, 6:46 pm
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Dee Dee Williams, an independent bHip Global Leader (US phone # 917-477-8582) is rocking the internet marketing world with bHip Global already proving to be THE Team in Motion!

bHip Global is expanding into 30 countries in 30 months. Look what bHip Global has already accomplished in 11 months.  We are planning a 1 year bHip Global birthday party in Dallas – are you going to bhip or be left behind? bhip Global

bHip Global * bHip North America * bHip South America * bHip Europe * bHip Asia * bHip United States * bHip Canada * bHip Puerto Rico * bHip Mexico * bHip Columbia * bHip Australia * bHip New Zealand * bHip China * bHip Hong Kong * Tai Lee Hong Kong * Tai Lee China * bHip Singapore * bHip Philippines * bHip Malaysia * bHip Taiwan * bHip Spain * bHip Italy * bHip Slovenia * bHip Hungary

Internet Marketers can blog all day long but will that get your personal domain ranked or will your contact information be available? check out how often ranks for bHip. check out how often ranks for bHip samples.  check out how often ranks for buy bHip. Its automation, but there’s a REAL LIVE PERSON behind all the effort. and that person is Dee Dee Williams. Consistently Dee Dee provides the buy bhip link to retail customers, she handles international distributors who found her on the internet, she continually has new distributors joining into her business center, and she gives back to her team – she follows the precedence of giving from Kosta Gara and Terry Lacore and the amazing set of Leaders in bHip Global. This isnt about advertising or spending small fortunes achieving SEO nor is it about Pay Per Clicks.  look in the other markets, this is about being available. be in front of the people who are looking for an opportunity, looking for financial freedom, looking for a healthy energy drink, i’m looking for people who are looking for me.

Consistently through thick and thin, Dee Dee Williams has chosen to promote bHip Global.  If someone is looking for a consistent, dependable, honest distributor of bHip, Dee Dee Williams. Follow Kosta Gara around the country, get connected with him in every way possible. Kosta is the key to bHip Global – he is the Master. Do you know that Dee Dee literally chases Kosta…did you ever hear the squeaky wheel gets the grease? be active. Kosta isnt going to help you if you just blog all day and never bring prospects to three way or never attend his events. Get up on stage…confront your worst paradigm and get out of your comfort zone. Pay attention.  The best thing Kosta ever said to Dee Dee Williams was ‘hey I see you are actively promoting bHip Global on the internet – how is that working for you?”. Smile, its funny! Kosta has the greatest sense of reality – be true to yourself but pay attention to Kosta. Align yourself, call Kosta your partner …and not because you’re name dropping or trying to ride on the coat tails of an awesome person. Become the quality that Kosta represents, lift your vibration, join DSWA, buy his books… understand what it means to be Zero to Hero.

Prospecting and Recruiting – and add Retail Marketing if you want to earn 30% for every retail sale.

the goal is 3 star – that will put a 2009 Black Mercedes in my garage. Terry Lacore is buying new sports cars for his top distributors. Where do you see yourself? Dancing with the stars or driving a 10 year old winter beater or maybe you are still walking around wondering what to do.  bHip Global is expanding into Global Markets.