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90 Day Business Plan

Several years ago, I had an upline that required everyone on the team listen to several audios, read an ebook and additionally we could purchase a set of CDs from Tracy Biller. Tracy Biller was introduced to me as THE COACH, with the mindset that the Top Success stories always start with daily training from a coach. Network Marketing is about duplication and I’ve never heard any other self proclaimed guru be so direct as Tracy Biller – he is so adament about his strategies that he could easily offend people. He doesnt hold anything back when it comes to his passion, his beliefs and his criticism.

Tracy Biller has a series of CDs called the Ultimate Success CDs. I admit I listen to them often and found they are quite accurate and motivating. I listen to the Momentum CD the most. However, By far my favorite CD is the 90 Day Blitz.

When you are on a 90 Day Blitz, you can quickly identify the DAY with the ultimate goal the 90th day. Start at day 1, follow Tracy’s strategies for 90 days, without quitting, and I guarantee you will have either a realization that you are in the wrong business or you will have tremendous success. I continually repeat the 90 day business plan over and over, now that I have mastered the focused 3 month strategy. I highly recommend putting this into action.
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