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Whats New with bHip Global

We’re just finished a worldwide tour with our bHip Global Master Distributor, Kosta Gara. Its been exciting to witness the announcement of La Core Anti Aginig Collection. The sales volume is through the roof and there’s tremendous momentum with bHip Global.
We now have 4 products in our catalog. bHip Energy, bHip Noni Gia, bHip Pleasur and La Core Anti Aging Beauty Line.
bHip Global is on target to open 30 countries in 30 months. Some distributors in North America are watching the excitement and momentum in Asia and I’m thrilled to be partnered with a truly Global business. For more details about the business opportunity with bHip Global contact Dee Dee Williams

bHip Global Distributors around the world are excited about the automated sampling system – Team IN Motion has provided a duplicatable sample request form and we’re thankful to follow the generous model of our Leaders.

The bHip Global product testimonials are flowing now, every day we add Real People and their stories to our journal. You can read bHip testimonials or watch their video submissions on our website. We are the Team in Motion and we so that others can join the Revolution.
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